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From the Princeton Alumni Weekly of April 4th, a story (by Greg Rosalsky) on grad student Jonathan Bennett, a spoken-word poet who “also does hip-hop and writes brief poems on his Twitter page” (p. 18) — and appreciates graffiti art:

While grateful for the intellectual training that Princeton has given him, Bennett sometimes finds campus life to be solitary. “I have not found an arts community here that is interested in spoken word, hip-hop, or aerosol art” — also known as graffiti — he said. (p. 19)

The compound aerosol art was new to me, though it’s been around for a while and is a useful replacement for graffiti art.

Historically, graffiti were scratched or carved on surfaces, but for some time graffiti have mostly been painted — spray-painted, in fact. Meanwhile, painted graffiti have been recruited for political protest, increasingly incorporated into pop culture, and also commercialized (discussion in the Wikipedia article here), and they have found their way into art galleries (as well as on the streets and on trains). See this 2008 Smithsonian Magazine article on “Aerosol art” in the galleries.


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  1. Gregory Stump Says: is an excellent website documenting graffiti/aerosol art around the word.

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