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Minichiello, Victor & John Scott (eds.). 2014. Male sex work and society. NY: Harrington Park Press.

Over 500 pages, with a survey introduction on MSW (male sex work), 17 topical chapters from contributors, in four sections (MSW in sociohistoric context, marketing of MSW, social issues and cultures in MSW, and MSW in its global context), and a conclusion on future directions.

From a review by Yoav Sivan, “The Men of the World’s Oldest Profession”, Gay & Lesbian Review, Jan./Feb. 2015:

p. 37: the reality that emerges from Male Sex Work and Society is quite different from [the] popular image. Those engaged in male prostitution are more than likely to be gay themselves, and their clients are mostly gay men. Editors Victor Minichiello and John Scott, both public health researchers at Australian universities, reject notions of pathology and victimhood associated with prostitution and homosexuality. They write that in many of the societies they studied, male sex workers “were increasingly telling researchers that they had chosen their work and enjoyed what they did.”

On this blog, on 11/8/12, a posting with a bibliography on male hustlers / escorts / callboys / rentboys, with nonfiction, fiction, and the documentary film 101 Rent Boys. An earlier posting on “lives of the pornstars” (with another bibliography) is relevant here, because pornstars generally work as hustlers, sometimes (as with Aidan Shaw) quite industriously. (Now add Mike Donner’s How to be a Gay Porn Star of 2008.)

The internet and web have revolutionized hustling as well as ordinary (non-commercial) hookups; you can shop and connect for sex on-line, through a number of sites, in particular — where I discover 118 rentboys on offer in San Francisco, 8 in San Jose, and one in Palo Alto, Yotomoaqua (a 26-year-old, versatile, and cut), advertising

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