to Birkenstock

It seems to be Verbing Day; maybe it has to do with the vernal equinox, which was yesterday. Earlier: to glowstick. And now: to Birkenstock, in a 3/23 New Yorker piece by Rebecca Mead, “Sole Cycle: The homely Birkenstock gets a fashion makeover”, about sandals. Shearling-lined Birkenstocks:

From p. 48 of the piece:

[David Kahan, who runs Birkenstock’s American division] explained that the boots and shoes arriving in stores this fall would still be recognizable as Birkenstocks but would capitalize on other trends in the marketplace. “I use ‘Birkenstock’ as a verb,” he said. “We did a sneaker bottom for spring — sneakers are a hot trend in the market, so we Birkenstocked it. We Birkenstocked Doc Martens; we Birkenstocked a motorcycle boot.” There was even a Birkenstocked Ugg: a fur-lined bootie with a ridged sneaker bottom and two sandal-like leather straps across the foot.

2 Responses to “to Birkenstock”

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    On the equinox involvement, John Lawler on Facebook:

    The Verbal Equinox Theory

  2. Andy Sleeper Says:

    When I used to work for a big company, called *Name* Inc., the lawyers wanted us all to know that *Name* was a registered trademark. A registered trademark, they said, must only be used as a proper adjective, never any other part of speech. If a trademark becomes a generic word (like Kleenex), the trademark holder would not be able to defend itself against unauthorized uses of its trademark.

    Mr. Kahan risks incurring some legal risks for the Birkenstock company.

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