Collages on AZBlogX

A pile of recent XBlog postings with (comic homoerotic) XXX-rated collages:

9/10/11: Collages: the dog series (link): 6 dog-centered collages

9/11/11: Collages: two snapshots (Eric and Bud) (link)

9/12/11: Snapshot collages: a dirty dozen (link)

9/12/11: Eight more snapshot collages (link)

9/12/11: Collages: a few favorites (link): 8 favorites



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  1. Collage crop « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] more in the series of postings of (comic homoerotic) XXX-rated collages (following those listed here) 9/16/11: Two snapshot collages (C-Note and Girls) […]

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