Pretty in pink

Another little bulletin from my house: the third of the cymbidium orchids to bloom this season (they’re winter-blooming flowers):

The first two were yellow, with somewhat different details in coloration. This one is a favorite, in delicate pink. (It will stay in bloom for three weeks or more.) More are on the way.

All the cymbidiums are tributes to my man Jacques, going back to the first one, a birthday gift to him in January 1987.

Linguistic note: cymbidium orchid is a species-genus N + N compound, like spanakopita pie and others considered in a recent posting of mine. Like so many of these, it’s in alternation with the species name alone: hence, both cymbidium orchids and cymbidiums.

Out in the larger world, the first tulips are blooming, and the first roses.


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