Form and function, working together

Not about language, but about gay porn as visual art. Just a link to material on AZBlogX, but not for kids or the sexually modest.

On AZBlogX, from “Fitting formal organization to sociocultural function”:

A continuation of the ideas in “The T-formation blowjob”, which had two images from Bound Gods ads (with two men each) and two images from ads for the C1R bareback film Packed Raw (with five men in each).┬áThese are (mostly) posed photos for publicity, not screen captures from films, and in all four cases the images are carefully composed as formally balanced designs, which also serve an important function for the users of gay porn (who are aiming at arousal and the release of ejaculation): providing them with the maximum amount possible of visible hard cock, visibly being serviced by hand, mouth, or asshole. The solution illustrated in that posting was to use cocks (and the bodies of the men serving them) as design elements, so fitting formal organization to sociocultural function.

… Now from another C1R ad, two more shots for Packed Raw

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