VDay pangolins

From Benita Bendon Campbell, Google Doodle news. Reported on in The Sun (UK) yesterday:

SCALING NEW HEIGHTS What is a pangolin and how do you play the Google Valentine’s Day 2017 doodle game? All you need to know. Monday’s Google Doodle is one of the most in-depth ones the site has ever created [by Becky Pemberton]

Adorable pangolins for VDay.

Google has created a games series for Valentine’s Day around endangered animals looking for love, with Monday’s one being dedicated to the pangolin.

The fun four-level game centres on a pangolin rolling to China to meet its mate face-to-face on the big day.

For the Doodle, Google worked with the World Wildlife Fund to help spread awareness about the pangolin, and included a link so players can donate to the cause.

The game took a six-person team of animators and engineers a year to develop, and is one of the company’s most in-depth Doodles ever, according to cnet.

(Links on The Sun‘s site.)

I am fond of pangolins. Postings about them, from 3/31/15 here, from 4/1/15 here.


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