A near-Zwicky: Zwickey broadheads

Continuing the series on Zwickys (most recently here), a similarly spelled name, for a company that will help you bring down a water buffalo with bow and arrow:

On the company, from their website:

Zwickey Archery Inc. [N. St.Paul MN] has been manufacturing the “World’s Best Broadheads for the World’s Best Sportsmen” for over 70 years. Founded by Cliff Zwickey, in 1938, we’ve had a passion for hunting and designing superior broadheads. This tradition continues today with Jack Zwickey, Cliff’s son, who has created additional Zwickey broadheads for the archery market.

The origin of the name Zwickey is unclear; name sites suggest that it could have distinct sources. Two obvious ones: as a variant of (Swiss) Zwicky, and as a variant of a Polish name variously spelled Zewicky, Zawickey, Zawicki, Sawicki, etc. The Zwickey name seems to be infrequent, entirely American, and concentrated in Minnesota, all of which suggest that it’s a variant of Zwicky, so the N. St. Paul water buffalo hunters are probably distant relatives of mine.

Meanwhile, I’m considering using No-Mercy Zwicky as a handle. No-Mercy Zwicky, the Lavender Arrow.

(Note: the name Zwicki seems almost always to be a variant of Zwicky, in Switzerland, Austria, and Bavaria. I’ll put off delving into that name to a future posting.)

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