Hold me

Today’s Dilbert:

(#1) Wally gets Asok to wear a ThunderShirt® for anxiety

Wally achieves his end by trickery — by mendaciously telling Asok that he himself had used the device to achieve calm at work.

And it seems to have worked for Asok, quite possibly by the placebo effect.

The 2014 ThunderShirt commercial “Dog Anxiety” is available here (and other commercials are available as well). The shirts come in several colors; here’s a stunner in fuchsia:

(#2) Beagle in a fuchsia ThunderShirt

The company claims 80% success. It doesn’t help all dogs, and some rip the shirt off and tear it to shreds, but for at least some dogs it works by giving the dog the sensation of being held and comforted.

The shirts come in sizes up to XXL, which is advertised as for a 110-pound dog. I don’t think it comes in Wally’s size, or Asok’s.

Bonus: “Hold Me”. The title of this posting, alluding to the beneficial effects of being held. From Wikipedia:


“Hold Me” is a single by British-American rock group Fleetwood Mac. The song was the first track to be released from the 1982 album Mirage, the fourth album by the band with Lindsey Buckingham acting as main producer with Richard Dashut and Ken Caillat.

… The music video for “Hold Me” features the band in a surreal scenario set in a desert based on several René Magritte paintings. In the video, Christine McVie is in a room with many paintings, searching for Buckingham in the desert with a telescope. Buckingham discovers Nicks lying on a chaise longue and paints her, while in other scenes John McVie and Fleetwood are archaeologists. The desert itself is littered with broken mirrors, which serve as a motif in the video, and with violins and the electric guitars and other instruments.

You can watch the music video here.

Some relevant lyrics:

There’s nobody in the future
so baby let me hand you my love
oh, there’s no step for you to dance to
so slip your hand inside of my glove

Hold me….hold me….hold me
Hold me….hold me….hold me

Here, put on this ThunderShirt!

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  1. John Baker Says:

    The cartoonist seems to be unaware that pressure vests for people are a real thing. They are primarily used with children who suffer from stress, but there are some for adults too. Search for “pressure vest” to see an assortment.

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