The best show I can do

From the New York Times on 7/3 (in print), in an obit for for “Freddy Cole, 88, Bluesy Performer Who Emerged From Nat’s Shadow” by Giovanni Russonello: this modest and touching statement from Cole about his goals late in life:

“What I worry about is sounding good. I go and play music and do the best show I can do.”

I think this would be an excellent maxim for me: go and write my stuff and do the best show I can do.

Freddy Cole on the cover of hs 2019 album My Mood Is You:

His song stylings are wonderfully nuanced — making great artistry sound easy.

You can listen here to “This Love of Mine” from his 2005 album of that name.

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  1. Stewart Kramer Says:

    One difference between doing the best show you can do, in live performances like music, and doing your best in writing, of course, is that live music has no backspace or edit function, with the temptation to revise endlessly.

    It’s OK to just post something good but imperfect, and save your time and energy for the rest of the to-do list. Your audience here can deal with a typo or two, and can ask follow-up questions

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