Another report from Jeff Shaumeyer on Facebook:

“If you happenly want to convert …”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard “happenly” before, but it seems potentially quite useful.

A respectable number of ghits for happenly, conveying ‘happen(s) to, (as) it happens’, etc. — an adverbialization of the verb happen. (There are also some hits which seem to be mistakes for happily, but I’m disregarding them here.) Some examples:

HceIf you happenly want to add ringtones for iPhone, I will recommend MP4 to M4R Converter, which is an easy-to-use yet powerful software and helps you convert MP4 to m4r with high quality and superfast speed. (link)

Seriously ladies, no one likes a girl with straight bangs. You look gross. No one wants to look at a girl who it so happenly appears that their hair stylist used a ruler to cut your bangs in a perfect line. Let me put it this way from Napoleon Dynamite and Borat: I like yo bangs. NOT! (link)

If you happenly want to rip Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab Mac, the blu-ray ripper for mac mentioned is your best choice to convert Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab Mac with perfect output format and super fast conversion speed! (link)

Happenly, most of the cites seem to come from non-native speakers of English (many of them probably Chinese speakers), so the innovation is likely to be mostly a foreignism. The derivational formation (V + -ly = Adv) isn’t a productive one in English, but of course playful morphology (where the usual patterns are deliberately stretched) could be at work in examples like the second one above.


2 Responses to “happenly”

  1. rjp Says:

    As a Lancasharian, I would happily blame Yorkshire for a monstrosity like “happenly”. Although they’d be more inclined towards “‘appenly”, I suppose.

  2. wjm Says:

    I was listening to a Seattle radio station this morning and heard someone use “it happenly” at the end of a sentence as a substitute for “it just so happens”.

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