The Skylunch of the American economy

The cover of the July 13th Economist is yet another variation on the famous 1932 photograph Lunch Atop a Skyscraper (known in these parts as Skylunch I):

(#1) Recalling Skylunch I in content as well as form: Skylunch I celebrated working people (especially recent immigrants) and the rising NYC (and by extension, the US)

(background on Skylunch I – III: see my 7/2/19 posting “The fiberglass men of Skyunchland”)

The illustration on the cover, by Andrea Ucini:


On Ucini, from his website:

I´m a freelance conceptual illustrator living and working in Denmark.

I was born in Italy and graduated in classical piano and composition at the Music Academy of Florence.

Music was my first source in a new form of expression. Drawing has been a deeper research in order to discover the different ways a concept or an emotion can be decoded in.

His work is widely published in newspapers and magazines, in a number of countries.

Two Economist covers of his from earlier in this year:

(#3) The panda that roared

(#4) Double-helix palms

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