Holiday images

Two odd sets of holiday images: a superhero Xmas greeting, and BDSM images for both Xmas and New Year’s.

Santhor Claus from Asgard. This entertaining accumulation of Xmas items and superhero figures from the artist with the pseudonym Hrjoe:

On Hrjoe and his work, from the Cultura Inquieta site on 3/10/15:

Photographer Documents Secret Life of Superhero Toys: Have you ever made a stop-motion Lego movie? Well, [Indonesian] photographer Edy Hardjo, who goes by the pseudonym Hrjoe, has done something similar: awesome looking scenes with [1/6-scale] superhero action figures! Watch as Earth‘s mightiest heroes pee on a wall [in a later posting, I’ll argue that this is not quite the way to characterize this composition], deal with Hulk getting a facehugger and chase after Black Widow‘s discarded bra! There‘s even a particularly gruesome encounter between the green giant and Wolverine.

How does Hrjoe do it? Lighting and composition, mostly. Miniatures have to be arranged, put on stands, and even partially disassembled to achieve [the] desired effect. He also does some photo editing to make the figures look a little plastic and to remove all the action figure joins, as well as stands that keep the toys in place.

(Hat tip to Mike McKinley for this link.)

It’s apparently not easy for Hrjoe (in Jakarta) to get all the materials he needs for his compositions — especially props of various kinds at the right scale.

More on his work in a later posting.

BDSM holidays. Now to the X-rated stuff, in a posting on AZBlogX earlier today. Note: all seven of the images there show gay men engaging in BDSM practices of various sorts. Four are holiday related: #1 is a New Year’s edging scene from Men on Edge; #2 is a New Year’s dominance and submission image from erotic artist Etienne; #5 is a bondage photograph of a man undertaking a chastity challenge for the New Year; and #6 is an S&M image for Christmas, showing Santa Claus paddling a naughty boy’s bare ass.

The remaining images are digressions: #3 and #4 are more Etienne drawings, showing submission to groups of other man (and, in the case of #3, bondage as well); and #7 is a contrast to the rather playful #6, showing a master administering a serious ass-whipping to a bound slave.

So this posting not only has a lot of penises in it, but also shows sexual practices that some might find distasteful.


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