Earworms, snowmen, and parodies

In the June 1st New Yorker, this cartoon by Bob Eckstein:


Not the first posting on this blog about earworms.


“Sticky expressions” of 3/31/13, about material, including earworms, that sticks in the mind

“Earworm therapy” of 4/2/13, about research on driving out earworms

“Earworm therapy” of 9/10/14, with a Leigh Rubin cartoon on earworms

Eckstein. The cartoonist, who signs his work bob, is described on his Amazon site as:

a snowman expert, New Yorker cartoonist, renowned illustrator and author of the popular book, The History of the Snowman. He spent seven years traveling the world researching and attempting to answer the age-old question, who made the first snowman?

The 2007 book:


One more bob cartoon. With a parody, and a jab at fancy flavored coffees:


Yet another takeoff on Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks; on the original, with an assortment of parodies, see this 9/9/12 posting.

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