Male vanity

[Nothing of redeeming social value here, though some will find it entertaining. Not for the kiddies.]

Back in 2009, I looked at “Hybrid underwear” for men (here), noting that

In still another set of variants, the underwear can be designed so as to exaggerate the wearer’s equipment, in “shock jocks” and “enhancement briefs” and the like (one step above stuffing a sock in your underwear, and roughly analogous to push-up bras).

Then came January 2011 and the introduction of the Andrew Christian Shock Jock Flirt Brief (here).

These revolutionary new skivvies feature a soft hidden cup, sculpted into a penis shape (available in black or white models!), that adds around 2 inches to guy’s frontal measurement. “Guys want underwear that looks natural, feels great and makes them feel confident,” says Christian.

(Frontal measurement is a cute euphemism. Meanwhile, shock jock is adapted from the slang for a radio broadcaster who uses humor that some of the audience might find shocking, with jock clipped from jockey, itself truncated from disc jockey.)

Ah, male vanity. Guys can feel confident — until, of course, that underwear comes off and the truth is revealed.

Several views of shock jocks, in increasing close-up:

(Hat tip to Nancy Friedman, who sent me the link to this posting by Edith Zimmerman in January: “Man Has a Freaky Secret in His Underwear, and It Is a Fake Penis“.)

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Hmm. I missed the chance to refer to the Shock Jock Flirt Briefs (etc.) as having penile falsies, with those nice /l/s in the middle.

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