A hundred words or less

From Susanne Gahl, a link to this piece of silliness:

Language lessons with Fabio Capello

England manager Fabio Capello recently defended his limited grasp of English, saying he needed not more than “100 words maximum” to communicate with his players. Here are some other professions where 100 words of English might suffice.

Teacher, including the sequence

why bother hours lack support pay cuts thankless bloody babysitter can’t control teach students ignore education why inspire nonsense thanks bunch Jamie fucking Oliver total waste think quit retrain landscape gardener maybe life coach

Health and safety expert, with

of course we’re all going die madam that’s hardly the point

Public relations manager, with

great totally fantastic beautiful legendary iconic fabulous perfect match cutting-edge brilliant world-class

Taxi driver, with

whole country hell handcart Cameron Clegg Obama not racist bone in body but still Berlusconi hand it to him

Stereotypes abound.

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