Four on AZBlogX

Recent postings on AZBlogX on gay porn; not much on language, and not for the kiddies or the sexually modest (lots of full-frontal nudity and man-man sex acts plainly depicted):

6/4/13  Kent Larson (and Barrett Long) (link): beefy pornstar Kent Larson, seen paired with Barrett Long)

6/9/13  Big Dick Sale (link): another sale on porn flicks featuring big dicks (and vocabulary for talking about them)

6/13/13  Scruf: Dario Beck and Rogan Richards (link): on the flick Scruf and two of its stars; featuring facial scruff

6/14/13  Face Fuckers (link): on the all-oral flick Face Fuckers (bluntly but alliteratively named) and ten of its stars

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