Three more for Friday

Three cartoons today, on diverse topics: Calvin and Hobbes on explanations, Zits on means of communication (again), Bizarro on word play turning on ambiguity.


Inventive but screwy explanation, plus an appeal to the (claimed) superior reasoning ability of men (vs. women).


Jeremy and Pierce mockingly catalogue obsolete means of communication that they would never use, starting with the telephone. A recurrent theme on Zits.


Language play turning on two different slang uses of hooter: ‘nose, esp. a large nose’ (as in the cartoon) and ‘female breast’, as in the dining establishments Hooters, featuring women with large hooters.

One Response to “Three more for Friday”

  1. eric zwicky Says:

    that calvin strip reminds me of the one where his dad is explaining to him why old photos are in black and white.

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