Today, Zippy returns to Billy’s Burg-O-Rama in Oxford MA (last visited in 2016), where he concludes that “Life is an endless panorama of o-rama word endings”:


Against a background of the inventive food establishment name Burg-O-Rama, Zippy cites early examples of –orama words that served as the models for the development of the libfix -((o/a)r)ama.

The earlier visit, with different views of Billy’s, in my 4/9/16 posting “Zip-O-Rama”


with notes on the libfix -((o/a)r)ama ‘display, spectacle, something really major’, and more food-related examples (as well as information about Billy’s).

Then, still earlier, further Zippy –orama fascination:

— AZ on LLog on 1/20/07 in “Zippy Retrospective 2”: “Life-O-Rama happens”, with three food-related examples, Wein-O-Rama, Burg-O-Rama, Liquorama:


on 8/15/17 in “More Zippy-O-Rama”:


Zippy takes us through three commercial establishments with (variants of) –orama names, while fretting ambivalently about American patriotism; the panel images are lifted from the 2007 LLog posting, on Wein-O-Rama, Burg-O-Rama, and Liquorama

And then a few notes on the libfix in earlier postings:

on 9/10/09 in “To the next level”: the playful libfix -((o)r)ama (that is -orama, -rama, -ama) and its history

on 2/15/10 -in “-orama-orama”: –orama formations, starting with panorama and diorama and then spreading widely (in both French and English)

on 11/18/10 in “Data points: Playful libfixes 1/18/10”: on dramarama

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