Spathy in maturity

I call my spathiphyllum Spathy /spǽθi/ for short. Its most recent bloom, which started out all white and calla-like, has now matured to a handsome green:

The mature bloom on the left, a younger bloom (seen from behind) on the right. The plant in its native habitat, on my worktable. (Warwick Rowers engaged in naked horseplay in the background, among other things.)

Background in a 9/10/17 posting “The fan, the spathiphyllum, and the impressionist garden”, about:

Spathiphyllum. Into the land of spathes and spadixes, symbolic sexual organs, which I last visited here in a posting on calla lilies. Some peace lilies in bloom…

The color change in the spathe, from the whiteness of youth to the bright verdant green of maturity, is quite striking. Meanwhile, the spadix (the actual fruiting organ) goes from being yellow with pollen to very dark green.

Intense botanical sex in the workplace.

Meanwhile, out on the front patio, clones of the original Jacques cymbidium (a present for his 1/22 birthday, over 30 years ago) are now coming into bloom.  There will be photos.

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