Technical distinctions

Watching the 101st running of the Bay To Breakers race in San Francisco, on television. In addition to the actual race, there are vast numbers of people walking the course (from the Embarcadero, on the bay, to the ocean), most of them in silly costumes (and some of them without clothes at all, which KRON’s cameramen have to avoid showing, so as not to get the station fined by the FCC). (Jacques and I walked the race in 1991. In unremarkable clothes.)

Many of the entrants are in thematic groups: a bunch o’ bananas, seven (playing) cards and a stud (a shirtless hunk), a spine, a gaggle of beauty queens (Miss Behave and her sisters) and so on. Including the Golden Gate Bridge, in a sizable model carried by a group of people. The bridge gave rise to a technical question that had to be decided by the judges: was it a costume (allowed) or a float (prohibited)? It was judged to be a costume, since all the participants were on foot.

(Addendum 5/21: a naked superhero from B2B, on AZBlogX.)

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