Don and doff

A silly Zippy that I’m passing on for its use of the verb doff (though there’s also the pun in the title “Clothes Call”):

No big point here; I’m just tickled by the verbs don and doff, and have been ever since I realized, as a kid, that they were originally do on and do off, respectively.

Doff is older, with attestations in the OED (where it’s described as a “coalesced form” of do off) from the 14th century on. The OED‘s first attestation for don is 1567; the verb is described as “contracted”, and indeed many of the early attestations have it spelled do’n.


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  1. Sam Says:

    Huh; I never analyzed them that way. Incidentally, these verbs live on in text adventure games since they require less typing and simpler parsing than “put on” and “take off”.

    Sam Mikes

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