Smooth operator

From Daily Jocks yesterday (with my caption):


Joey Jockstrap was a cheap con man who
Preyed on gullible gay men, luring them through his
Intriguing slicked-back retro look and his
Intense, urgent sexual presence – but he couldn’t
Restrain himself from ripping off his clothes to
Parade the jutting package in the jockstrap.that
Gave him his alliterative street name.

Lift! Support! Enhance!

It’s the new Joey Sports Jockstrap from BCNÜ, designed to (as the DJ copy puts it)

with Push-up technology to lift, support and enhance your package. Get sporty and playful in one hit.

Joey Jockstrap, the character, is aiming for a look he models on, among other men, the actor Ralph Forbes:


From Wikipedia:

Ralph Forbes (30 September 1904[2] – 31 March 1951) was an English film and stage actor in the UK and the United States.

An enormously versatile actor.

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