Twin primes

Looming in a week, my 71st birthday. A prime birthday. In fact, the first of two twin prime birthdays: 71 and 73. Previous pair, 59 and 61. Next one, 101 and 103, which I’m not likely to see.

(In between the twins is 72, which is 2^3 x 3^2, nicely symmetrical.)


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  2. Chris Kuszmaul Says:

    My brother and I take note when we hit twin prime ages — next up for us in 59 and 61 in a little over 11 years…

  3. Alon Says:

    If the Hebrew longevity blessing (עד מאה ועשרים [ad meah v’esrim], ‘until 120’) has any effect, you still have a couple of twin primes to look forward to ([101, 103], [107, 109]) 🙂

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