Braldt Bralds

Another artist in the borderlands between graphic art, illustration, and cartooning: the creator of this work, “Rainbow Whiskers”, which my family picked up at the Columbus Museum of Art in a sale of reproductions around 1980:


Our copy (now with me in Palo Alto) bears a message from the Lung Association, by way of the cats:

We Don’t Want You To Smoke

On the artist, from his website:

Braldt Bralds was born in the Netherlands in 1951. As a child he learned of the profession of illustration, and his course was set. His father brought home scraps of paper from a paper mill, and Braldt drew continuously. When twelve he began attending the Grafische School in Rotterdam, where he was instructed in graphic arts and the printing trade. Aside from this training, Braldt is self-taught.
Once out of school, Braldt became a successful illustrator in Holland. In 1978, on his first day’s visit to New York, he was commissioned to paint a cover for Time Magazine. Since then Braldt’s career has been one success after another.

A range of subjects in his work, but heavy on animals. Here’s a cartoon on a linguistic topic, using the familiar Ascent of Man cartoon meme:


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