Sporty pro

A recent image accompanying a Daily Jocks ad for a special offer, featuring an underwear model in low-rise TeamM8 briefs:

My caption:

Tomás has perfected
Sultry Seductive with sides of
Latino Muscle and
Football Jock Sweat – gets a
Steady stream of johns at his
Hustler stand, with its handy
Sex alcove.

Actually he despises
Football, he’s a gamer not a
Jock – still, he puts on a
Fine show, then goes home for
Scrapbooking and the
Affections of Los
Gatos Perversos, the black tom
Blanca and the white female

I note with amusement that TemplateExpress is offering a Sporty Pro Theme for WordPress (a page format that they seem to think is especially well suited for blogging about sports):

Sporty Pro is a dynamic, colorful and Fully Responsive WordPress Theme with template and color schemes options. Your team – Your colors! (link)

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