Wrapped in the flag

Yesterday we had footballer Fernando Torres (El Niño) wrapped in the Union Jack (Torres plays for Chelsea, and played for Liverpool before that). This morning Undergear presented me with one of its models wrapped in the Stars and Stripes, for Independence Day:

My caption:

Ernesto is an

(I view my captions as little poems. Some of them accompany decidedly X-rated images, as here, some merely suggestive images, as above.)

Independence Day isn’t until Monday, but today is Canada Day! I tried to find an image of a hunky guy wrapped in the Maple Leaf (l’Unifolié), but without success. However, I found something possibly even better: the comic-book superhero Captain Canuck:

Captain Canuck stands
For truth, justice, and the
Canadian Way

This is a classic Capt. Canuck image. Here’s a bulked-up version:

He might be massive and powerful, but he’s unfailingly polite.

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