Two old cartoon friends

… in recent mail: border-collie-bereft medicos (from Scott Hilburn on 8/12/14) and Egyptian spelling contests (from Rhymes With Orange today), bringing the return of two familiar cartoon themes:

(#1) The POP (phrasal overlap portmanteau) from Doctors Without Borders + border collies

(#2) A spelling bee done with hieroglyphs

Doctors without border collies. Previously on this blog: from my 4/28/17 posting “Friday word play in the comics”, in #2 this Bizarro strip “Doctors without border collies”:

(#3) A slightly different take on the POP

Hieroglyphic spelling bees. In #2, the spelling is presumably:

(#4) BIRD (Swallow, in particular) – COBRA – MILK JUG

Previously on this blog, in my 3/19/19 posting “Le retour des hiéroglyphes”, a Bizarro strip on hierogyphs, in French and English; an earlier version of the artwork in this strip; and in #5 there, a 2012 Bizarro strip “Hieroglyphic spelling bee”:

(#5) An earlier approach to the hieroglyphic spelling bee

Note that the child in #2 is a boy, given the name Neferhotep — a male name, borne by three pharoahs of ancient Egypt.

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