Lexicosexual note: throuple

Noted yesterday: the innovation throuple (based on couple), to describe a romantic or sexual threesome, triple, or triad.

(Hat tip to Will Parsons.)

In my household, we called ourselves a (married) triple.

Throuple appears to be pretty recent, though those things are hard to judge. A few cites:

Check out this new movie from filmmaker Cayle Ryan Pietras about a “throuple” – three gay men in a relationship. (link)

In my first “throuple” and loving it 😀 (link) [woman and two men]

What It’s Like to Be In a Three-Way Relationship (aka a “Throuple”)
A “throuple” is when three people date each other, all at the same time. (link) [man and two women]

Yes, three-woman throuples do occur, but I haven’t been able to google up any good cites.


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Tim Pierce on Google+:

    It’s a cute word but not terribly euphonious. It sounds like a side effect of some kind of unpleasant disease.

    To me, it suggests throttle, unfortunately.

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