Six months of misreadings

Since my 7/2/15 posting on misreadings (with “Calamities” misread as “Catamites”), I’ve collected six more, summarized below. And there is now a Page on “Misreading postings”.

7/21/15: glanced at e-mail cue, read header as “The Stanford Phonographic Dictionary”. Really: “Standard”. Stanford’s always on my mind, apparently.

7/22/15: glanced at NYT editorial p. A24, read “diseases and conditions like … rectal degeneration”.  Really: “retinal”.

8/12/15: glanced at NYT front page, read teaser as “Senator Chuck Schumer suggests creating a nonprofit corporation to fund new rail tunnels under the House: Really: “under the Hudson”. Senate suggests House?

10/29/15: glanced at NYT op-ed page A31, read head as “Why the Animal Mammogram Matters”. Really: “Annual Mammogram”.

1/19/16, glanced at NYT front page, read teaser as “Rafael Nadal Outed in Toronto”. Really: “Ousted”. I suppose gay things are always on my mind.

1/24/16: glanced at NYT Sunday Review, p, 1, read head as “Our Insane Addiction to Pills”. Really: “to Polls”. Possible consequence of many recent stories on growing prescription drug abuse.

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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    I do this all the time. The results are often amusing, and almost invariably perplexing.

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