Another animal portmanteau

In the Beautiful Farmyard postcard set, one for the Brahmousin:

Hybrids of many kinds are named by portmanteaus; the names mirror the things. So it is with the Brahmousin.

(Brahmousins are usually pictured as big and blocky, but here’s a sweet family.)

From French Wikipedia:

C’est un hybride de bœuf européen, Bos taurus, et de zébu, Bos taurus indicus. Cette race a été créée en croisant la brahmane aux qualités reconnues de résistance aux maladies tropicales et à la chaleur avec la limousine, race hautement productive et à la qualité de viande reconnue.

From the Brahmousin website:

The superior maternal traits, insect resistance, foraging ability, and heat tolerance of the Brahman combined with the carcass traits of the Limousin make Brahmousin an unbeatable breed for the cowman.

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  1. mae Says:

    Not to mention BEEFALLO which my spelling corrector won’t let alone in lower case. We saw a whole herd of them in Grand Canyon NP.

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