An unfortunate mishearing

From Victor Steinbok on ADS-L, a link to a HuffPost Comedy posting with this photograph:

HuffPo’s comment:

OOPS: Little Kid Celebrates Dad With Unintentionally Racist Cake

We love hilarious correspondence from children almost as much as we love ridiculous cakes, so the photo below really made our day. Some adorable child wanted to give his or her father a “#1 dad” cake, which is sweet, but the message imprinted on said cake happens to be completely prejudiced (the addition of golf clubs just drives the point home.) We have to give props to whoever made the cake for letting the white/wide confusion slide and for putting it online for everyone to see.

A mishearing — of the idiom the whole wide world — turned into an eggcorn.

(I suspect that the kid wasn’t old and socially experienced enough to connect golf to white people, and just connected Dad to golf. The kid was young enough to reverse an S and to put a dot on the uppercase letter I. Can’t say where HOLE comes from: simple misspelling or misinterpretation?)



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  1. Jan Freeman Says:

    I’m betting a parent was involved in transcribing this (edited or not) onto the cake. In my (limited) experience, kids at this stage of invented spelling are nowhere near competent enough at letter-size consistency or spacing to produce this neat result. But maybe someone out there has a cake-writing prodigy in the kitchen …

  2. Jan Freeman Says:

    And of course the “hole” is a good pun (intentional or not) given the golf theme.

  3. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Aric Olnes on Facebook:

    Brad Paisley & L.L. Cool J were just singing about accidental racists:

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