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A friend wrote me a few days ago about Paul Pimsleur’s language-learning schemes, which were on sale; he said that this guy sold language-learning tapes. I pointed out that Pimsleur died in 1979, and that Simon and Schuster now ran the franchise. (This is no reflection on the software, which I haven’t checked out.)

Then there’s a Berlitz program, started by Maximilian B., who died in 1921, and continued in the family (eventually on-line) through his grandson Charles, who died in 2003.

And then there’s Rosetta Stone, an indomitable lady, who lives quietly in Arlington VA, close to the cosmopolitan and multilingual precincts of D.C. She teaches many languages, all over the world. And advertises relentlessly.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Frederick Kintanar on Google+:

    I thought Ms. Stone was Egyptian and long dead. She was bilingual in Greek and Hieroglyphics or something, mumble mumble …

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