Rainbow toys

Following up on two rainbow toys in my posting of the 9th “The old curiosity shelf”, seven more such toys (from a much larger number available on the market).

Rainbow toys come in two types: those that are merely multicolored, usually in bright colors — sometimes in the traditional Western “colors of the rainbow”, sometimes just in a lot of colors — and those that specifically reproduce the colors of the (gay) Pride flag, six colors ordered from red to purple. Both toys in my recent posting (shown in #1 there) are proper Pride toys: a stackable wooden rainbow (close-up in #2) and a stuffed bear in a rainbow sweater.

Of the seven new ones, one is a proper Pride toy, at least if you arrange the bowling pins as they are in this picture (the bowling ball is a proper Pride toy no matter what):


Another almost makes the cut, bur its makers opted to go for bright white instead of purple, presumably for general brightness. The beach balls:


That leaves us with five merely colorful toys. The ring clutching toy:


The rainbow beads (all connected), apparently fantastic for teething babies:


The rainbow slinky:


The rainbow stacking toy:


And the rainbow (wooden) xylophone:


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