Footnote on marriage equality

To add to my posting on, among other things, same-sex marriage, this cartoon by William Haefeli in the May 17 New Yorker:

One of a long series of Haefeli cartoons on upscale — this is the New Yorker, after all — gay male life in NYC, or a metropolis very much like it. (I have fifteen of them framed in my living-room, in there with the penguiniana, mammuthiana, family photographs, and so on.) Yes, trendy diners are very much part of the scene (independent of sexual orientation, so far as I know).

No squabbling in public. What about arguing? When does a disagreement devolve into squabbling? How much of it is in the manner of the disagreement, and how much in the topic?

Also note the crucial modifier legally.

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