Take me, please (supine version)

(Men’s bodies and mansex discussed in street language, so not at all appropriate for kids and the sexually modest.)

An e-mail ad from Daily Jocks today, which turns out to be the second of a pair. The ad copy for this one:

Welcome to The Daily Jocks Backroom, from harnesses to wrestling suits, check out some of the most intimate products from your favourite brands including Cellblock13, Nasty Pig & many more.

What’s for sale here is some brightly colored festishwear, what could fairly be described as hot garments (harnesses, jockstraps, socks) to get fucked in)

The first installment, from 8/29 in the posting “Take me, please”, showing:


A beautifully (but not extravagantly) muscled male body, lying prone on the silky sheets of a bed — simultaneously tough and high-masculine and also sumptuously queer — with his knees drawn up to offer his very muscular male buttocks for sex.

(This is pretty much as close as you can get to hard-core porn in an underwear ad.)

That’s the prone version, with his legs drawn up to hump up his ass for getting fucked doggie-style.

Today’s DJ ad has the same model in the same gear in the same silky bed, but supine, with his legs frogged up for getting fucked in the “missionary position”:


The sexual position. From my 1/28/16 posting “Lower bangs higher”:

This is (about to be) fucking in the “missionary position”, face to face. If you’re about to be fucked in this position, you’ll want to spread your legs, to make it easier for him to enter you. If you’re a guy about to be fucked in this position, you’ll need to get your legs up, to make your asshole available for your fucker.

… In most of these missionary positions, the fuckhole has his legs splayed out like a frog on a dissection mat … So I’ve sometimes called taking this position “frogging up” (to get fucked).

I suppose it’s too much to hope for a third ad with the bottom’s body in the lateral position, lying on his side with his legs drawn up, again to make his asshole easily available, now for a side-by-side fuck — a very easy position for both men, allowing for a slow gently rocking fuck that feels especially affectionate. (And the top has at least one hand free to stroke his partner’s cock.)

But I can hope.


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