Parent and kid

(Not about language.)

Assembling a Christmas present for my grand-daughter, I’ve been unearthing and scanning in photos of her Zwicky grandmother. Like my Rice grandfather before me, Ann Daingerfield Zwicky died about 20 years before Opal was born, and Opal’s become curious about this person who was so important in her mother’s life and mine (small voice: “Tell me about my grandmother”). But in this case, there’s photographic evidence — and a great many stories, some of which I’ve been telling here. (There are no photographs of my grandfather Rice, and a very few stories, only via my grandmother, whose husband died when she was in her early 20s; she herself died 50 years ago.)

(I’m trusting that my grand-daughter is not yet reading my blog postings, so I’m not giving the present away.)

Two central images: baby Ann with her father, Keene (James Keene Daingerfield Jr.) in roughly 1938; and baby Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky with her young mother, Ann (née Ann Walcutt Daingerfield) in roughly 1966:

Wonderful b&w images, the second Kodak-sharper than the first.

Going on one generation, we come to Opal — and mostly color photography, a different visual genre. Things are made more complex by the fact that Elizabeth has pretty much been the family photographer, so I don’t have any really good images of Elizabeth and Opal together. The two of them, while Opal was still in the baby-cowlick stage:

And newborn Opal with her father, Paul Armstrong:

The generations go on.

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  2. Daniel Elwell (@dwelwell) Says:

    She was quite an impressive lady! (As is Elizabeth now, and no doubt Opal will be someday). You have a good effect on women, Arnold!

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