Last call: gay music, mix CDs, X-rated collages

Three offers still out that have had no takers and will go away on Monday the 11th (the first to a local donation site, the other two to the trash heap):

#8 gay music (here)

#4 mix CDs (here, described in detail below), now in a special offer

#1 X-rated gay collages, mounted for hanging (here), also in a special offer described below

I’m giving special offers on the last two because they’re the work of my own hand and I hate to just throw them away.

You pay only shipping expenses. To request an offer, SEND E-MAIL to me (, with your mailing address, and Kim Darnell ( will get in touch with you about mailing and payment.

Mix CDs, in some detail:

2 discs of music of joy (classical, some religious)

2 “wedding tape” discs, compilations of music that tickled me and its recipients

5 juxtaposition tapes, with a number of originals and a few versions for each; the last tape is entirely shapenote juxtapositions

hymn songs in many versions

  • Blessed Assurace (18 versions)
  • New Britain/Amazing Grace (19 versions)
  • Amazing Grace II (13 versions)
  • Beulah Land (14 versions)
  • Wayfaring Angel: Wayfaring Stranger and Angel Band (20 tracks)
  • Fly Away to Beulah Land: I’ll Fly Away and Beulah Land (24 tracks)

church music in many versions, some not very churchy

  • Kyrie/Gloria (17 tracks)
  • Agnus Dei (13 versions)

pop music and covers

  • Eleanor Rigby (17 versions)
  • Johnny Cash, American IV with originals for the tracks (18 tracks)
  • The Devolution of Devo, 2-4 versions of various songs (17 tracks)
  • Dance Party: from the hop to the disco (18 tracks, from the 50s on)

Offer: ask for only some of these, rather than the whole set. Please ask for more than one or two discs.

X-rated gay collages. Maybe people were put off by the sheer number of collages. So, offer: ask for just a few, two or more. We’re not in a position to catalogue the set and describe each one; you’ll have to trust our judgment, but you can stipulate captioned or wordless collages.

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