New Year’s specials

[Bluntly sexual language here, though the images are elsewhere.]

On AZBlogX, a posting “For the new year”, with two displays of penises. From that posting:

All about the cocks, but in different ways. The guy in #1 [an ad for a Channel 1 Releasing New Year’s Eve sale] is gearing up to double his fun by taking on two diverse cocks, but he’s not yet into the act; instead, he’s gazing directly and intently at us (the viewers).

The man in #2 [a New Year’s gift from Mike McKinley] is displaying his dripping dick, in a drawing (“Resting After Work”) that conveys intense physicality and urgent sexuality.

The drawing is a 1987 work by Roger Payne, using the pseudonym Mark, from the Tom of Finland site. More examples of his work on the Adonis Art site, with the write-up:

Artist and illustrator Roger Payne has made his regular living by illustrating books and magazines for schools and universities, companies and local authorities. But always he had a secret sideline in illustrating stories in American gay magazines. At first he signed his drawings with a pseudonym, then with his first name, and now quite openly signs them with his full name if he wants to. His drawings are openly pornographic, depicting the action in the stories he is illustrating. But the high standard and consistency of his drawing style have created a cult following amongst afficianados of ‘under the counter’ art. Drawing out of his prodigious imagination, he creates powerful images, presenting the inner emotions of his subjects to full view. Still drawing into his eighth decade, Payne is artist with collectors all over the world.

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