Miss Portland

Today’s Zippy, on the passage of time:


We’re in Portland ME, at the (old) Miss Portland Diner.

A photo from some time ago:


From the diner’s website:

Miss Portland Diner: Portland’s Only Landmark Diner

“There is nothin’ finer than a  Worcester Diner” was the slogan of the Worcester Lunch Car Company (WLCC), which specialized in small, handcrafted diners with porcelain exteriors and hardwood interiors.

Worcester diners were often adorned with marble countertops, hardwood booths, and stainless steel panels shaped into starburst patterns and were well-known for their level of craftsmanship.   Today you would be hard-pressed to find a finer example than the 1949 Miss Portland Diner – WLCC No. 818.

Miss Portland was originally located on Forest Avenue and was moved [by rail] from there in 1964 – to make room for the new Federal Building – to 49 Marginal Way where she served breakfast and lunch to a mostly local crowd.

In its new incarnation:


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