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A bonus to my fudge posting yesterday: an outrageous posting (playing on the ambiguity between the food and the excrement nouns fudge) on the crowdfunding / fund sourcing site Indiego (not, alas, dated, so far as I can tell):

Help Us Put Fudge in Uranus! Join us in a campaign to open the Uranus Fudge Factory and General Store on Historic Route 66: You will be part of creating the most outrageous (and the most fun) Candy Factory and Retail Store in the country.

The site claims to be seeking support both for the factory and store and for the expense of incorporating a town of Uranus MO:


A literally dirty joke, turning on the ambiguity of fudge in combination with a play on the planet name Uranus (accented on the middle syllable) vs. the phrase your anus (your asshole, where the shit comes from).

Back in the real world, Uranus MO (still not incorporated) has a fudge factory and store and does a thriving tourist business. From Wikipedia:

Uranus Missouri, often called simply “Uranus,” is a tourist attraction located in the rural area of Pulaski County, Missouri along Route 66. It is a shopping mall consisting of a Fudge Factory and General Store, a sports bar, a nightclub, a tattoo shop, a festival food truck lot, and an outdoor store with a gun range and pro-shop. All the business owned by a single individual, [nightclub and farm owner] Louie Keen, who proclaims himself the “Mayor of Uranus”. While Uranus Missouri is marketed as a city or town, the commercial development is unincorporated and even proclaims on the entrance sign, “It’s Not a Town, It’s a Destination.”


Meanwhile, Uranus became the subject of a Skitter webcomic (on 10/1/15):


About the strip, from its website:

“Skitter” is a humorous comic strip about the absurd misadventures of a group of mischievous bugs.

Meet Jack the spider, Chip the cricket, Gypsy the moth, and Luna the human girl. The original idea for Skitter came to me in, I think, 1990 when I was dreaming up an idea for a video game. It was my answer to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The difference was that, instead of turtles, they were bugs: A spider, a cricket, a cockroach, and a grasshopper. They weren’t ninjas, they were military, sporting army helmets and machine guns. I supposed Desert Storm influenced me.

Although I drew up some sketches of the characters, I never proposed the idea to my employers at Williams, Bally, Midway.

25 years later, having decided to start a webcomic, I dug up that old bug idea, revamped the character designs a bit, and called it “Skitter”.

Skitter has become a passion for me. I love writing and drawing it, as well as creating all the other elements related to it

A little more from Vogel about himself:

Hi. I’m John Vogel, author and artist of “Skitter”.

For over 25 years I’ve been designing video games for a living: “Terminator 2”, “Mortal Kombat”, “Revolution X”, “The Grid”, and “Injustice”. But before that career choice, I wanted to draw comic strips. It was impossible to get published way back in the 80’s, but with the tools available today, I’ve finally done it! My dream is a reality! I have my very own comic strip on the web!

I’m still trying to find my webcomic legs; Trying to improve on both my humor and my art. I’d love some feedback from you all. Let me know what you think… good or bad.

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