Morning name: Colton Ford

The morning name on the 15th, but also discussed some here in my “Young gay love” posting of the 15th (about gay love songs), representing what I suppose we’ll have to call mature gay love — with a link to him performing his gay love song “The Way You Love Me” (“makes me want you more”).

Some (but not enough) background from the Wikipedia article about him:

Colton Ford (October 12th, 1962, Pasadena, California), is the stage name of the former American gay pornographic actor, Glenn Soukesian, who returned to his original career path of singer, and actor [in fact, singer-songwriter and dancer as well as actor]. As of May 2007, he resides in New York City.

[He] appeared in a dozen gay adult celebrated films. Notable performances include Conquered[, which] earned him 2002 Grabby Awards for “Best Group Sex Scene”, Gang Bang Café[, which got him nominated] for the 2003 GayVN Awards for “Best Performers” and his lead role in Colton[,] for which he won “Gay Performer of the Year” during the 2003 GayVN Awards.

In his first mainstream film appearance, Ford appeared in the 2005 documentary film Naked Fame directed by Christopher Long. The film follows Ford’s transition from the world of adult films to mainstream club/dance music. The movie was released theatrically in 2005 in the United States and Canada.

On television, Ford co-starred for three seasons on the TV series The Lair, playing [the] role of Sheriff Trout. The series was broadcast on here! TV. He was a featured panelist on the here! TV’s resident chat show Threesome.

[has also appeared in music theatre and a stage play]

Two shots of Ford being sexy: as a relatively young man, though already with a graying beard: Solidly muscular, hot hunk material — and flagging top. Doing a relatively modest cock tease, a bit of pants-lowering:


Then, at roughly 50, a hugely muscled-up silver daddy, displaying himself boldy. Doing a different sort of cock tease, a monumental moose-knuckle:


This is the guy who now sings and dances in high-energy music videos. He’s made a montage of his displays of his body, some with other men, often doing cock teases, and often entirely naked (though with no genital nudity). You can watch it here. The background music is Queen’s gay anthem “I Want to Break Free”, from their eleventh studio album The Works (1984); you can watch the music video of the song here.

I can find nothing about Ford’s life before be started appearing in gay porn in the early 2000s. Some have written that he was a model for Colt Studios (which in its heyday was the source of very high-quality gay porn still photos — top-of-the line jack-off fuel); it’s still in business, but (not surprisngly) seems to be mostly invested in videos. (Its founder, the photographer Jim French, working under the pseudonym Rip Colt, is now 83.) But I can find no evidence that Colton Ford ever worked for Rip Colt. (Ford’s stage name Colton is probably an homage to Rip Colt and the materials he produced.)

I have, in fact, also not found any stills from Ford’s porn work that I could post on AZBlogX, or even any full-frontal display shots for publicity.

[update 2/24/16: I have now found both of these things.]

But there are videos. Conquered is still available on DVD (and I have it); Gang Bang Cafe is available via VOD; Colton is available on DVD (and I have ordered it); Best of Colton Ford is available on DVD (and I have ordered it.



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