The social media backlash

In the vein of the Multiverse “Antisocial Network” cartoon, two more images in the social media backlash, both from Google+ (and passed along through several hands):

GTFO ‘get the fuck out’ has the icons for Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Orkut.

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  1. El Says:

    It’s interesting to note that the first one wouldn’t work in Italian, as G+’s circles are translated as “cerchie”, whereas Inferno’s circles are “gironi”

  2. Tané Tachyon Says:

    I saw that a certain person in one of your Google+ circles created a “Ninth Circle of Hell” circle and put Newt Gingrich in it.

  3. Licia Says:

    @El – Dante’s Inferno is made of nine cerchi (circles), the seventh of which is further divided into three gironi (rings). The cartoon might still work in Italian as cerchie sounds like a word Dante might have used (he did, “da quelle cerchie etterne ci partimmo”). Moreover, quite a few Google+ users don’t seem to like the official name Cerchie – even if it circumscribes (!) the “circles” concept much better than the English word – and prefer the literal, more generic translation Cerchi instead. Other users favour yet another Italian doublet, Circoli.

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