Lusamerica Fish

Noticed on the street yesterday, a van delivering goods to one of the local restaurants: Lusamerica Fish, with this entertaining logo:

The fish shall lie down with the lobster.

On the company, from their website:

Lusamerica Fish offers grocery retailers, foodservice operators and broadline distributors a reliable source of domestic and imported seafood and innovative value-added seafood products. As a wholesale distributor, we serve both small and large volume customers from our multiple locations along the West Coast.

Lusamerica Fish is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1975 by Fernando Frederico and his wife, Ana. The company is headquartered in Morgan Hill, California, just south of the San Francisco Bay Area. Lusamerica also has a processing facility in Fife, Washington and a distribution facility in Vernon, California.

The site doesn’t explain the company’s name, nor the origin of the founders, but either Portugal or Brazil is involved: luso- is a prefix meaning ‘Portuguese’ (referring to the country or to the language),¬†after the Roman province of Lusitania, roughly corresponding to modern Portugal.

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