Brief mention: legalversary

On Facebook today, Richard Jasper announced that it had been a year since he was legally married (in New York):

Oh, yeah! Happy 1-year “legally married” anniversary to Naoyuki Saito! Luv ya bunches! (We still maintain that our “real” anniversary is March 1, 2003, the date of the great “tuxedo shop” date!)

Note the distinction between their legal anniversary and their “real” anniversary (or simply anniversary, with no modifier), dates that for same-sex couples can be far separated in time.

Mike Reaser followed up with a similar story, but putting a compact name to the occasion:

We’re similar – our [his and Bryon Elliott’s] Anniversary is May 25, 1994, while our Legalversary is July 25, 2007.

The telescoping portmanteau legalversary (< legal anniversary) is used by mixed-sex as well as same-sex couples:

However, since this is our legalversary (the day we were legally married 6 years ago), whilst he’s out I’m going to take the opportunity to pretty myself up – put make up on for only the second time this year (the first time was for the fashion photos), and find something pretty and sexy to wear. We don’t properly celebrate today, because it’s not really our wedding day in our minds, but we’re going out on Sunday (possibly to the cinema, maybe for a meal – maybe, you never know, both) and so I thought we could celebrate indoors tonight. (link)

Happy Legalversary! December 14 2003, Gary and I got married.  Technically. Well, spiritually too, but only our parents and my grandmother were present.  It was a beautiful event and I was all preggers. (link)

None of this helps those couples who distinguish between the date when they establish a personally committed relationship and the date on which they have this relationship socially recognized in some sort of ceremony, however informal. Neither status is legal, and both are probably “real” for the couple.


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