From Melinda Shore on Facebook, this image, presented as a puzzle:

Yes, a flint arrowhead, in remarkably good shape. As it happens, I have three such arrowheads, though not quite so beautiful as this one:

The one on the left I found in digging up my Columbus OH back yard  in the ’70s. Early 19th century or before.

The other two, much more worn, were found by my Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother while she was working in the tobacco fields as a young child (the tobacco leaves were used to wrap cigars), in the 1880s in Lancaster County PA. She saved them as one of her few treasures (the family was dirt poor) and gave them to me, her only grandchild, when she was in her 70s.

(The one on the right was broken and has been glued back together. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful example.)

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