An explosion of succulents

Back on August 8th, as reported in “Succulents on a rampage”, things looked like this:


The blooming plant with the silver rosette is an Echeveria, and if you look closely, you can see that, behind it, the Echeveria hybrid ‘Blue Curls’ has a modest flower shoot. In the three weeks since then, matters have gotten out of hand.

The status as of this morning (photo by Kim Darnell):


The Blue Curls rosette is much bigger, and its now-huge flower stalk is about to burst into rosy-pink bloom. The other Echeveria is almost at the end of its flowering. Meanwhile, the two Senecio plants — the silver-gray fingers — are both in bud, and the tall single-stemmed Crassula will soon follow suit.

Some of my friends think I should be shopping for an even bigger turquoise pottery dish to move these plants to (such things do exist). I am now of the opinion that this would be a grave error: give them more space, and they’ll just expand to fill it. I have come to think that Blue Curls and Senecio serpens (aka blue chalksticks), in particular, have no natural bounds and can only be contained by crowding them mercilessly. That’s my idea, and I’m sticking to it.

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