The news for musical chameleons

Through a Facebook connection, this .NAF. cartoon:

Yet another play on an antic song title.

Earlier on this blog, on 9/29/11, “Comma chameleons”, on cartoons with five commas and a chameleon, playing on

the song title “Karma Chameleon” (by the British New Wave band Culture Club, featured on the group’s 1983 album Colour by Numbers (link)), with the chorus: “Karma karma karma karma, karma chameleon”

Now in the cartoon above, even further from karma: five comas and a chameleon.

The cartoonist signs his work .NAF. and goes by the name NAF. A website with his work here, and a bit of an interview from Prospect magazine on 2/1/10 by David Killen, “Cartoonist of the month: NAF”:

DK: First, give me your autobiography in 100 words or so

NAF: Raised by a loving family in Edinburgh, I studied biological sciences before embarking upon a career as a zookeeper. I looked after primates and snakes (a classic combination) but ended up slaughtering more animals than I kept alive so, tired of playing God, I ran away to South Africa to work on a game reserve. The game reserves were full, however, so I hit rock bottom and with nowhere else to turn and with nothing to lose, I became a cartoonist. I still survive in this sleazy profession, occasionally supplementing my income by playing the banjo.

Entertaining, but not really informative.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Will Steed on Facebook:

    We decided it works better in Spanish as “cama cama … chameleon.”

    With cama ‘bed’ (but also cameleón ‘chameleon’).

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