Cartoon evolution

Not cartoons about evolution, but the evolution of particular strips over time — the subject of a feature in the Comic Kingdom blog on the 2nd. Two examples from the feature:



on #1, from Bill Griffith (Zippy the Pinhead):

I did the first Zippy strip in 1971. A few years later, he took over as my main character. But in those early Underground days, Zippy was appreciably more wild & crazy. He hadn’t met Griffy yet, so his non sequiturs were totally untethered. Insanity reigned. Satire took a back seat. His head was pointier. Here he is in 1973, in his first t-shirt design. Enjoy.

on #2, from Alex Hallatt (Arctic Circle / Tundra):

I didn’t do it consciously, but my characters have evolved in the 8 or so years Arctic Circle has been syndicated. The ones from back then look weird to me now. Especially the penguins.


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