man up!

Yesterday’s Pearls Before Swine:

Another demonstration of Pig’s ineptitude in using English. Possibly Pig just doesn’t know the idiom. In any case, Man up! is an odd way to communicate ‘There’s a (falling) man up above us’, especially with no upward gaze. But if Pig had looked up and shouted “Falling man!”, Stephan Pastis wouldn’t have gotten a strip out of it.

From 1/10/11, a posting on man up on AZBlogX, with this note:

It was bound to happen. Following on the popularity of the verbal idiom man up used as a put-down to men for perceived defective masculinity and an exhortation to men to get with the masculinity program — much of it summarized in Ben Zimmer’s piece “Man Up” in the NYT Magazine in September and then energized by Sharron Angle’s taunt to Harry Reid in their congressional debate in October — with a generalization to exhortations to take responsibility, be courageous, and the like (regardless of the sex of the addressee), we now have the forthcoming gay porn flick Man Up.

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